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Here you can find many photos of bird and nature mainly from Sweden, but also from many trips to countries in Europe, Asia and North America. You will find many different photos of birds and a variety of butterflies, animals, reptiles, and also some galleries with different themes.

Today I am using a DSLR system from Nikon. The camera is a Nikon D3, with a 300/2.8 lens as the main equipment when I am “in action”.

The original photos are of higher quality and better suited for printing or publishing.If you are interested in purchasing any of the photos for printing, please do contact me. All the photos on this site are optimized for viewing on a computer with 1024 *768 or higher resolution.

Stefan Hage /PN Nov 2013

  » Dunlin
  » Himalayan Cutia
  » Red Knot
  » Short-eared Owl
  » Grey Plover
  » Kurdish Wheatear
  » Parasitic Jaeger
  » Golden Eagle
  » Eurasian Siskin
  » Spotted Nutcracker
  » redsquirrel
  » Rook
  » Horned Lark
  » Smew
  » Black Redstart
  » Yellow Canary
  » Cape Bunting
  » Forest Canary
  » Cape Canary
  » Golden-breasted Bunting
  » Cape Siskin
  » Lark-like Bunting
  » White-throated Canary
  » Bronze Mannikin
  » Pin-tailed Whydah
  » Swee Waxbill
  » Long-tailed Paradise Whydah
  » Red-billed Quelea
  » Fan-tailed Widowbird
  » Red-collared Widowbird
  » Southern Red Bishop
  » Yellow Bishop
  » Long-tailed Widowbird
  » Red-headed Quelea
  » Spectacled Weaver
  » Eastern Golden Weaver
  » Lesser Masked Weaver
  » Red-billed Buffalo Weaver
  » Thick-billed Weaver
  » Cape Sparrow
  » Village Weaver
  » Dark-backed Weaver
  » Southern Grey-headed Sparrow
  » Southern Masked Weaver
  » Yellow-throated Petronia
  » Cape Sugarbird
  » Malachite Sunbird
  » Orange-breasted Sunbird
  » Collared Sunbird
  » Southern Double-collared Sunbird
  » Marico Sunbird
  » White-bellied Sunbird
  » Violet-backed starling
  » Greater Blue-eared Starling
  » Red-winged Starling
  » Burchell's Starling
  » Pied Starling
  » Hen Harrier
  » Wattled Starling
  » Red-billed Oxpecker



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I managed to get my photo on the latest front cover of the Swedish bird Magazine Fågelvännen, issue no 4, 2014.

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I would like to recommend the new book “Nära” (("Nearby”) from the group PhotoNatura. It is the second book produced by 38 most talented nature photographers.
In this book they show their best and most recent pictures expressing distinct personal styles.
The title reflects the books common denominator – Nearby – and present pictures from southern Sweden where most of the photographers live and work. To order the book, just email to


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Stefan Hage, Varberg

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